Problem installing ZooKeeper & Kafka in macOS Sierra

Until I could successfully installed Kafka in my macOS Sierra environment, the problem I was facing is bringing the zookeeper up & running. We can start Kafka server only if zookeeper server is up.

Downloaded the zookeeper trunk build from git repo and extracted in local

When started the zookeeper first time from the extracted build, the following was the message I got in the terminal

Now trying to test if the server is up, but failed to get the connection

Tried to start the zookeeper server again, however this time also I got same message as like first time.

Still didn’t get any zookeeper instance up & running 😦

The issue might seems a silly one, however finally somehow I able to install the zookeeper & Kafka successfully.

Here is the post I want to share step by step to make the Kafka installation ease in Mac OSX environment.